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Singapore AMMS International Pte Ltd (SAI) was established in August 2011.

Singapore, renowned for its security, political and economic stability, is the only country in Southeast Asia to use English as its official language of communication. We anticipate that Singapore will play a central role to the Asian region. Furthermore, Singapore has a well-equipped environment for education. Along with its strategic location, many outstanding students from neighbouring countries such as Malaysia and Indonesia are attracted to study in Singapore. Henceforth, Singapore is also a place where many outstanding students, both locals and foreigners, can be found.

Many students in Singapore and other neighbouring countries have a keen interest in Japanese culture and are also interested to pursue an education in Japan. However, there is a lack of information and an organisation to serve these students. In view of this situation, SAI hopes to fill up this gap by supporting them in Singapore.

SAI aims to promote youth exchanges between Japan and Asia so as to build a closer relationship between Japan and other Asian countries. The first step towards achieving this aim is by offering our help and support to these outstanding students who are interested to study in Japan. All these services provided are free of charge.

In addition, we also have information for a total of 243 universities found in our office premises. Students can access them freely.

SAI will be organising its first excursion trip to Japan in June 2012. A total of 25 to 30 outstanding students will be selected to go for this trip. Expenses for this trip will be borne by SAI. Students will have to bear their own air ticket and travel insurance expenses.

Singapore AMMS International Pte Ltd
CEO Eisuke Tokuhara

Our Services

  1. Information on Japanese universities for junior college students who are keen to study in Japan. We also provide advice on the application process to Japanese universities, scholarship availability and other related matters such as lifestyle in Japan etc.
  2. Information on Japanese culture, history, arts and other related information on Japan. We also provide real-time information on Japan.
  3. Planning and organising excursion trips to Japan ? students will get to visit universities, Japanese organisations, famous attractions etc.
  4. Selection of participants and application for excursion trips to Japan
  5. Providing support for local students who are currently studying in Japan

Office Hours

Wednesdays to Sundays
(Closed on Mondays, Tuesdays and Public Holidays)
10am to 6pm

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